Too many free calls? Create something to sell

(Offering free calls can be expensive. And soul destroying. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash)

It’s a common problem: you’re running your professional services business, and you offer free calls.

You have a lot of free calls coming through, but nobody seems to want to pay you.

This is frustrating for you. And it’s expensive. If you spent just two hours a week on those calls, that could be 80 hours a year. It’s like going into work for two weeks and not getting paid.

Having something to sell (apart from you!)

One of the advantages of a productised service is that you aren’t selling you.You have a Thing to sell … even if it’s only a slice of your time.

But nobody wants to pay you for a slice of your time. They want an outcome. That outcome could be:

  • a plan (however small) to tackle one niggling issue
  • peace of mind
  • knowing where to focus their efforts … especially if they’re overwhelmed.
  • an answer to a question, such as: “how much should I charge?”

But what product should you start with?

Here’s a simple approach:

  • identify who, exactly, is your target buyer
  • find an expensive problem that they want solved (and are willing to pay for)
  • work out something that is easy for you to create,
  • and easy for your client to digest,
  • and gives them a quick win.

An easy way to sell

Even if you don’t sell a single one of these products, just having them there on your website can give you more confidence in those free calls.

Rather than brainstorming with your prospect about how you can work together, you’ll have something clear and defined that you can refer to.

This makes it easier for you to sell something other than access to you. It also makes it easier for your prospects to buy.