Business breakthrough services

For entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau.

Do you need some help finding better clients?

Don't you wish there was a shortcut to landing the right clients?

You already know that building a business is hard going. You don't need more information, or more DIY programs that take weeks to absorb.

You're ready to find new clients. But who are they? And what's your big message to them to get them interested?

You could use a few shortcuts, so you don't waste time on calls to people who are never going to buy. You want to learn where not to focus.

I can give you fresh, practical ideas and some honest feedback. You can have someone to hold you accountable and keep you from running after the shiny new tools.

Advisory services that go at your pace

Your business is unique – and so is the combination of problems with the constraints, knowledge and tools you have to solve them. There might be plenty of tools or tactics that are nice to have, but the first step is to know where to focus.

You need the tools and advice to solve the problems you’re dealing with now; but enough of a big picture view to know where this is heading.

My advisory programs are based on the Tornado Method to help you identify what you need to focus on right now.

You may need some help with your market positioning. Perhaps you need a little bit of tough love to get you focused.

Or maybe you need some encouragement and confidence in your sales process.

We'll go at your pace and focus on the areas that we both agree need the most urgent attention.

"So, what exactly do you do as a business coach?"

I help solopreneurs and business owners build reliable revenue streams so they can grow their businesses – and still have a life.

To do that, I get involved in everything from designing your business through to dealing with roadblocks and bottlenecks . I will help with your building blocks (your business model, brand and product ladder); and your revenue engine (marketing, lead nurturing, sales, delivery and follow up).

And if you’re the bottleneck we will work on you so you can work on your business.

You’re not expert at everything, right?

Certainly not. A good accountant is worth his or her weight in gold and I will never give you legal advice (though I will point out stuff you will need a lawyer for). But I do know about designing, building and growing a business. And how to break through barriers and bottlenecks.

"What if you haven't worked with my industry?"

Then, if I can't help you, we'll work out what you can do next. And you'd be surprised just how valuable it is to have some fresh eyes from outside the industry.

"Who do you work with?"

My best results happen with people who are used to working in a B2B environment, and already have paying clients.

(B2B - actually, even better is b2B, or small business selling to Big Business).

"And what's the most common problem?"

Usually: finding clients. As in, working out: 

  • what industries you work with
  • what expensive problems you solve
  • who cares about paying to have those problems solved.

A spinoff from this is that you probably find out that you need far fewer clients than you thought.

"Can you really work with any business?"

Although in theory I could probably work with any business that needs clients, in practice, I get the best results with two kinds of businesses:

  1. solo software specialists who already have a few clients
  2. small IT agencies that are pivoting to a new market

Why those two?

Quite frankly, if you don't already have a steady revenue stream (or even an unsteady stream), it's going to be difficult to get you to invest enough time and money to improve your business quickly.

I've helped people who have taken a piece of advice and run with it, with great results.

Here's what some of them have to say:

Laura Elizabeth
Client Portal

Anthony's insights and willingness to go above and beyond helped give me the confidence I needed to focus on the things that can grow my business, rather than simply treading water. I wanted to move from client work to products. 

He believed in my idea more than I did, and it paid off!

He's not only incredibly motivating but also gives you small, actionable steps to take so you can start improving your business without feeling overwhelmed.

Jake Jordan
Cause-driven marketer

Anthony is an astute observer of people and problems. He not only spends time trying to understand the true business problem stopping people, but he also genuinely cares.

I recommend you take any opportunity to get to know Anthony, and also consider hiring him to accelerate your learning curve tremendously.

Peter Burgess
Olivitek Software

With Anthony's coaching I was able to gain laser focus on our new direction : "Your business visualized on a single page."

My business now has a lot of clarity: I know who I serve, I know why I do what I do and I know what problems I solve. I can clearly describe to my ideal client the true value of working with me.

Choose your Business Breakthrough


A free micro assessment and optional 1-hour session to analyse your most pressing problem, find out where to focus and craft a plan to break through.


A 4-week program to design your business for maximum client attraction and revenue potential. The focus is on your Business Model, Brand and Product Ladder.


A 12-week intensive program to get your Revenue Engine delivering maximum revenue potential. The focus is on Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Sales and Follow Up.