Advisory services to help you land better clients

For your convenience, I'm offering my entry-level consulting services as low-risk, fixed-price services. We start with a free call to ensure it makes sense to work together. If it does, I will recommend a specific action you can take to move your business forward.

Free call

then, if we agree we're a good fit:

60 minute Breakthrough session  $250 US

This video call is a chance to identify what clients should be buying from you, and how to reach them. You will end up with a roadmap for your sales, which will help you refine your message in selling IT services to businesses.

Business half-day clarity session  $1200 US

If you are running an agency of two up to 50 people, this session will help give you clarity about where to focus your efforts to land the next clients. This typically covers how to position yourself in your market, and improving your sales process.

Follow the roadmap (6 sessions)

This training will help you with your revenue engine and the building blocks on your business (including your business model and product ladder). We will review specific sales opportunities in your pipeline, to improve the chance of selling them.

Laura Elizabeth
Client Portal

Anthony's insights and willingness to go above and beyond helped give me the confidence I needed to focus on the things that can grow my business, rather than simply treading water. I wanted to move from client work to products. 

He believed in my idea more than I did, and it paid off!

He's not only incredibly motivating but also gives you small, actionable steps to take so you can start improving your business without feeling overwhelmed.

Jake Jordan
Cause-driven marketer

Anthony is an astute observer of people and problems. He not only spends time trying to understand the true business problem stopping people, but he also genuinely cares.

I recommend you take any opportunity to get to know Anthony, and also consider hiring him to accelerate your learning curve tremendously.

Peter Burgess
Olivitek Software

With Anthony's coaching I was able to gain laser focus on our new direction : "Your business visualized on a single page."

My business now has a lot of clarity: I know who I serve, I know why I do what I do and I know what problems I solve. I can clearly describe to my ideal client the true value of working with me.