So you think coaching might help change your business?

Hi there,

Coaching is one of those tricky things to make a decision on. You may be hesitant in investing your time and money into coaching, especially if you’ve never done it before…even if you love the content I produce, my videos or my email series.

Where does coaching fit into your business?

Coaching isn’t a done for you service. And it’s not quite Do It Yourself, either.

It’s really the best of both worlds. I call it Done With You. Because it’s literally having someone on your side to help you to quickly overcome the challenges you’re experiencing in your business.

You are aware of some of the challenges you’re facing, and they’re not going away.  So, let’s assume that you’re completely open to being coached (a key requirement for coaching!).

Is this an open-ended coaching arrangement, where you’ll turn up, ask questions and I help you through them?   While that’s valuable, that’s not where we start.   There are certain fundamentals you need to get sorted before we even consider that.

3 major components for your business

You see, if you’re providing consulting services to clients, there are three major things you need to make sales.    And sales is the bread and butter of your business.

  1. You need to know how to find the right clients. Obvious, right?
  2. You need to be able to speak their language – so that they understand not just what you do, but the value you can provide to their business.
  3. You have to be able to make the sale – after all, without sales, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. (And an expensive one at that.)

“But how do I work out where I’m to begin?”

You start with a gap assessment. 

This works out which of these three areas is your biggest sticking point right now.  Because focusing on that is going to affect the quickest change in your business, and help you get out of the hole that you’re in right now.  

Then we commit to four sessions to overcoming this one big problem first.  Then we can move to the next problem. But, only once that the first problem is on the way to being fixed.

Closing your business gaps

Over the four sessions, I’ll teach you the exact steps you need to overcome this 1 gap in your high level sales process for your business.   But this isn’t just a lot of talking at you.    You’re going to get homework. Homework that ensures you’re able to translate the ‘techniques’ into actionable change. Immediately.

“I can’t commit to four straight weeks”

Sometimes we’re busy beyond our control. I get it. While continually putting off things isn’t going to help you overcome your gaps in your business, if you’re committed to change, we can create a flexible schedule when needed.    You don’t have a 9-5 job. No rigid structure applies here as well. But, I do need your commitment to following through.    “Will 4 sessions be enough, to make a difference?” Coaching is structured on a 4 session basis.

  1. We have a goal in mind and and end point to affect some change in a fixed amount of time. 
  2. It ensures I’m continually striving to deliver value to you, and,
  3. You can use the 4 session, gap coaching, as needed, without long term commitments. 

  If after the initial 4 sessions, you decide you want to go deeper into fixing the gap we’ve been working on, or look at overcoming the next gap we identified we can discuss that then.     

“Ok I’m sold, how much do I need to invest in this coaching?”

Your investment for the gap coaching sessions is $1200 USD for the package of four sessions (and the bonuses).   *The minimum amount of time the 4 sessions includes is 4 weeks, the maximum amount of time the 4 sessions can be spread out across is 8 weeks.   


Why? Because everyone loves getting a little extra. And because most of the transformation will happen outside of our one-on-one sessions.   I’ll give you a copy of my Win More Business eBook, a guide for technical people on what they need to know about selling (to non technical business owners).    You also get unlimited access to me via email and/or Linkedin Messenger over the duration of the four sessions.     

“Do you just take on anyone as a coaching client?”

Definitely not. In fact, I sometimes will talk people out of getting coaching (at least for the time being). It’s not in my interest or yours if this doesn’t get a good outcome.   If I’m worried that you’re not able to commit to the process (for whatever reason).    Maybe coaching is right for you, but the timing is not. That’s what we’ll work out in the next step.   

What’s the next step?

Booking in your free 30 minute application call. Together we’ll see:

  1. If the Gap Coaching is going to be a worthwhile investment in your business. 
  2. If we’re going to be a good fit working together.
  3. If the timing is right for you to make this investment now.

  Click on the book now button below and once your booking is confirmed I’ll send you the pre-call questionnaire