Client Attractor Pro

Session 1: LinkedIn Profile Review

First, together we'll review your website and your LinkedIn profile.

Where is your market? We'll identify the specific market you address or the problem you solve best.

What is your key message?

What is the value you bring to the market?​

Session 2: Client Outreach roadmap

Honing in your message and market

How to identify key decision makers and reach them.

Building trust online.

LinkedIn posts and articles plan.

Action plan and guide

Follow-up call after two weeks: accountability.

Follow-up call after four weeks: accountability, review roadmap.​

"Your help has borne a lot more fruit a lot faster than I anticipated."

"Anthony quickly helped me to find my unique value proposition at networking events. He found the secret for helping developers stand out in front of large audiences on LinkedIn."

Hau Ngo, SAP analytics expert, US.

"I recommend him highly - I thought I'd got myself nailed, but with the advice provided I now have a huge to-do list to make my public image more accurate!"

Jamey Barron, virtual CTO, UK

What's included?

- 60 minute video conversation via Skype (with screen share, if needed)

- recording of the call, (if you want)

- LinkedIn profile review and feedback

- one week follow-up email

- Your own private Slack channel with continuous access

- weekly homework and accountability, to reach your agreed end goal.