Business Brainwave Coaching Program

Building your business is an achievement. But how do you grow it, without letting it steal from your personal time?

You want to surround yourself with good advisors. You want to know how to take on bigger, more profitable clients, and still deliver.

You want to be ready to invest the time, money and brainpower into your business, and see a positive return.

You want to be clear on how to demonstrate the value you bring to your clients, so that you're not left wondering what they think about your proposals.

There are a lot of goals to reach, a lot of skills to acquire. How are you going to do it

Introducing The Business Brainwave Coaching Program

Exclusive and personal one-on-one 3-month program. Limited availability.

This is going to dig down deeply into your business, your client base, your service offerings ... even your daily habits.

We'll work together to identify exactly what you need to focus on immediately, what can wait for a little while, and what can wait for a long time.

The aim is to help you get your life back, so that you can run the business (not the other way around!)

The Business Brainwave is a coaching program which will give you clarity about finding better clients, and confidence in charging premium rates. Build the business you want to build. After all, you're the boss.


Anthony's not just your everyday business coach! A business practitioner on an entire different frequency. Are you having a difficult time acquiring clients and feel like you're just shooting in the dark? I suggest hiring a business sharp shooter like Anthony. He will definitely turn on the lights so you can see where to set your sights.

The program goes in cycles of 13 weeks.

Week 1: 2 hour session

Week 2, 3 and 4 have a 1 hour session.

Unlimited phone and email access.

This coaching program will give you the confidence and clarity you need to give your professional services business stability.

Skills-focused sessions

Each time we meet we'll cover a specific skill, tailored to your own needs and current opportunities.

Each quarter you get 10 weekly 90-minute video meetings with focus topics

Plus ad-hoc support:

  • Practice for meetings / calls with prospects
  • Review proposals
  • Sales pitches
  • Networking preparation and follow-up
  • Access via Slack channel


Q1: Business Kickstart

  • Building your business dream
  • Validating your market position
  • What services should you offer?
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Sales conversations
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Your consultant website
  • Working remotely (isolation, confidence and courage)
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome, cabin fever

Q2: The Business Model

  • How many clients do you need?
  • Selling to multiple clients
  • Lead generation via LinkedIn
  • Passive income
  • Sales conversations (part 2)
  • Lifestyle and setting boundaries
  • Pricing rationale
  • Proposals and packaging
  • Cutting through the information overload

Q3: Build Your Authority

  • Networking with strangers
  • Content creation strategies
  • Borrowing an audience
  • Speaking opportunities, podcast guesting
  • Building an audience via LinkedIn
  • The LinkedIn lead capture strategy
  • Overwhelmed and underpaid? Plugging the gaps.

Q4: Build your empire!

  • Advanced pricing strategies and psychology of buying
  • Non-financial motivations
  • Freedom, automation and client waiting lists
  • Leadership and mentoring
  • Building your tribe
  • Getting paid to lead
  • Do you need an exit strategy?
  • Business and lifestyle review