Roadmap to find profitable clients

Client Attractor Basic Plan

In two X two-hour sessions, I’ll review your LinkedIn profile and your website, and together we’ll map out a plan to get attract high-value clients.

This will involve a strategy call, where you get clarity about who your clients are, and what your message should be to attract them.

Next, we’ll design an outreach roadmap. This is a specific plan, so you can hone your message to your market.

You’ll know:

  • how to identify decision makers in your market
  • what language to use with them
  • how to build trust quickly using LinkedIn posts, articles and comments
  • what not to talk about on LinkedIn

And you’ll have easy ways to measure your success with specific goals to get you traction in your market.

The Client Attractor Basic Plan includes a strategy call and an outreach roadmap, so that you can get momentum quickly with reaching new prospects on LinkedIn.

The combined strategy and outreach sessions currently costs $1100 US.

Want to apply for the Client Attractor Basic Plan? Please send me an email.