Anthony English wasn’t always a business coach. He worked as a senior IT specialist in Sydney for over two decades. But he found that if he wanted to build a viable and successful consulting business, he’d have to develop his business skills.

He knew he needed to learn how to get clients for himself. So, he learned how, from some amazing mentors.

After helping out some fellow solopreneurs, he built these skills and learned to teach them to others.

You’ll find that his approach to coaching is both gentle and effective. Having come out of the IT world, he understands how the technical mind works.

He also knows that technical people often find it hard to sell their skills. They may not know how to price. They may feel awkward going to networking events. And they probably feel more comfortable talking techspeak.

But CEOs and business owners want to focus on the business outcomes, so Anthony has made it his mission to coach technical people on how to speak that CEO-friendly language.