There’s One Gap Which Tech Service Businesses Need to Plug

The problem is they don’t know it.

If you’re running your own IT agency, or dev shop, or if you’re a designer, there’s a good chance your website is missing this.

How do I know? Because I was the same, and I’ve seen this gap in hundreds of others’ websites.

The gap is helping customers recognise themselves and their problems in your website.

Read what one student, Isha, had to say:

I’d recommend Anthony to anyone who is struggling to have high value sales calls with prospects. It even works with past clients too! – Isha Bell


Talk like a client

I’ve come from a strong IT background, working on enterprise systems, and I made the same mistake.

  • I spoke about myself

  • And my skillset

  • And my experience working with big banks, and in manufacturing and retail.

What I didn’t realise when I first started my business was that people wanted to find out how I could help them. They weren’t especially interested in me or my background, because their problem was bigger and more important.

From Technical Problem Solver to Business Problem Solver

So, I switched from being a technical problem solver to solving the problem of small IT businesses that didn’t have a steady income stream.

And as these business owners—freelance designers, developers, writers—were already great problem solvers themselves, my new job has become teaching them how to solve their business problem.

Not that hard, once they frame it in terms of solving the business problem of their clients.

That’s what I teach them.

If your prospects are turned off by technical talk, learn a new way to speak to them: their own language.

Get advance notice of the book Talk Like a Client.

And in the meantime, I’ll share with you some simple, actionable tips on how to connect to your client.