Do you get paralyzed by all the advice, articles, and blogs you need to keep up with for your business?

When I left my work as an IT contractor, I was thirsty for all kinds of information about how to run my business.

I needed to get clients in a hurry. I kept up with everything. And to tell you the truth, it was a security blanket.

I thought: "if only I can learn what I need, I'll survive and then maybe do really well."

[Spoiler alert] it didn't work!

I tried lots of marketing tactics. I created (or started creating) courses. I wrote a couple of eBooks. My message just wasn't getting through.

What I didn't realise was that I had unrealistically high expectations of what I thought I needed to know. I overestimated the information requirements and I underestimated my skills.

Any chance that you are closer than you think to running a decent business?¸

Why we ignore what we know is great advice

Well, "ignore" may be a bit harsh. We try. Then we get stuck.

You feel embarrassed, anxious, overwhelmed. You feel dumb. You make a start, but then you find an excuse for not moving forward.

"I'm a perfectionist."

"I feel like an impostor."

"I'm not really technical."

"I'm not confident."

These are exactly the things which held me back, until I worked out what I needed to start doing differently.

If you're really clear about the transformation you need to bring about for your clients, then you actually don't need too much information. For that matter, you probably have most of the skills you need.

I saw why we can resist what we clearly recognise is good advice. I also saw the mistake that people trying to sell this advice make when they don't see the reason behind the resistance.



Anthony, your coaching has really helped me to set my focus on the things that will help me get farther much more efficiently. I used to get paralyzed by all the advice, articles, and blogs by multiple different authors.

But since you've been guiding me, I have made a point to set my attention only on the things you put before me. It's amazing the difference.... I am confident in your advice and feel so much more knowledgeable and equipped than ever. Plus, I don't have to waste my time trying to weed out the unnecessary things. Thank you, Sir.

Jodi Scalice, Graphic designer