Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • why don’t businesses value what I do? (They need it so much, so why don’t they want it?)
  • how do you work out who the decision maker is in a company?
  • how do you combine two very different skills?
  • where do you get time when you’re not working?

These are all questions I’ve asked myself. My name’s Anthony English. As a business coach, I’ve also had to find the answers.

Now, I’m guessing that you’re good at what you do, perhaps find the sales conversation a bit awkward, and you wish you could get more leads.

Here’s how I could help you in your business

You’re probably overwhelmed with information. You don’t need another course or program.

But perhaps you’re stuck with a single step; a real roadblock. It could be connecting with strangers on LinkedIn, or maybe working out how to find how much budget a company has for your work.

Is your business model in need of a tweak (or maybe even a complete makeover)?

Need some help with a mindset that is causing you to lose business?

I’d love to hear from you.