Do you have the business skills you need
to run an IT service business?

There's a lot more to running a professional services business than technical mastery.

How do you work out things like

  • how to get your foot in the door of big corporate clients?
  • who do you talk to (and what do you say)?
  • how much you should charge?

I'm Anthony English, and I can show you how to sell IT services by thinking like a CEO.

How do you find premium clients (and make a profit)?

Many highly skilled IT people struggle when they go into business on their own.

Even if they find good clients, they'll often be undercharging for premium work. That creates big financial pressure.

You're working long hours. Not spending enough time with your loved ones. And still, there's not enough money in the bank. This is so stressful. You want to run your business, not have your business running you.

How do you balance all the competing demands in your own life?

The secret is to apply your problem-solving skills
to your business

If you want to turn your IT mastery into a sustainable business, you'll need to understand who your clients are, and what's the value they see in your services.

You need to work out where to find the right clients
(and what to say to them)

If you're not getting through to the right clients, it's probably because you're thinking like a widget maker. What you should be doing is thinking like a CEO. So the solution is to shift your mindset.

The Business Brainshift helps you see your business through your client's eyes.

The Business Brainshift will help you:

  • get absolute clarity about your value proposition 
  • know exactly what your unique point of differentiation is
  • know how to leverage social media and other avenues to attract high value clients
  • identify ways to generate leads through highly focused marketing
  • explore strategies to fill your sales pipeline and map out a concrete plan on who to talk to, and what to say.
  • ideas on how to build your authority as a thought leader

As a result of this call, you'll be able to articulate why companies buy your services. You'll also get a 2-3 page Business Brainshift Report, with some recommendations about the next step you could take to find new clients.

Got questions?

"How do you cover so much in just the one session?"

We're not going to cover a whole lot of detailed information. Instead, we'll do a grand tour of your business. Having someone with fresh eyes looking at your business can create very fast mindshifts.

It's more important for you to get some practical, actionable steps, so that you get to implement something immediately.

"But is any of this really going to work?"

That's going to depend on your attitude, your opportunities, and your ability to take action. Many business owners gather lots of information, but they let busynessprocrastination and fear stop them from doing anything. I'm not going to let that happen with you.

"How do I know I'm ready to be running a business?"

There are a few mindsets that will be critical to your success. Not that business is all just about believing in yourself. Ultimately, you need clients / customers. You need sales. You need a high-profit offering.

What I've found from working with dozens of business owners is that their attitude is more important than the amount of time they spend working in their business.

"Does your advice work for me? I'm thinking of taking on employees. I want to get passive income."

With my long-term Business Brainwave Program, I cover how your revenue model fits in with your other personal goals. For instance, if you plan to take on employees, are you happy to hand over your highly-specialised work to them? Are you ready to fire someone if they're not up to scratch?

As for passive income, we can look at how you'd get buyers for your books, digital products, or recurring revenue such as through retainer agreements. 

The Business Brainshift will show you exactly where to focus next in your business. But don't take my word for it


I had several hesitations about seeking advice from a consultant—including the fear of looking dumb, and having trust that someone outside my business could help me. Anthony’s direct, friendly, and insightful approach has allowed me to look at my business with fresh eyes without feeling defensive. He has helped reframe what I do and why it’s valuable to my clients. This is huge! I now have greater confidence in putting a higher price tag on quotes—which is helping my business be more profitable. Thank you, Anthony!


One thing you should know about Anthony above all else: his energy is contagious. He's an absolute pleasure to be around, is always in a good mood, and is an eternal optimist. 

Aside from those fantastic and impossible-to-teach qualities, Anthony is a great coach. We've worked together for over a year now, and his advice is at once practical and actionable. He's willing to try new things, or just go with tried-and-true - whatever fits the situation. 

If you're a solopreneur, small business, or even a manager at a corporation, I'd highly recommend you just talk to Anthony. After that, you'll be stuck with him because he's so damn helpful.


Anthony listened to my work situation and then made some suggestions on how I could pivot and build new networks as well as restructure and repackage the value I provide to clients.

What I particularly liked was that he was straightforward, he spoke directly and expressed it in a way that made total sense - and in fact, confirmed that my gut was telling me that I had to make some changes however, I came away from the conversation positive and uplifted.


I approached Anthony with a specific problem. "How do I describe myself at networking events that create interest?" After having worked in many industries and picking up several skills, it was hard to even describe what I do.

About 15 minutes in our discussion, Anthony was able to synthesize my value and describe it in such a way that I could have never done on my own. Now, he is helping me bring that message in front of the right audience. Anthony's service is highly recommended for the technical consultant who struggles with communicating his value in simple business terms.


Anthony’s great - pleasant, insightful, valuable. Gotten something out of every consulting session, article, video, or book. Recommended.

Where are you in your business today?

"I've been in business less than a year, or have fewer than 3 good clients"

Building a stronger business depends on the foundations.

Is your marketing generating enough of the right kind of leads for you?

Are you nurturing those leads? How do you sell your services to them without discounting?

We cover this in the Business Brainshift session.

You might need a longer-term business coaching program.

The Business Brainwave Program will guide you to build your business profitability.

This program goes for 13 weekly sessions, so that you get optimal return forthe time you spend on your business.

Got questions? Drop me a line.

My email address is