Do you have what it takes to land premium clients at premium prices?

There's a lot more to running a professional services business than technical mastery.

How do you work out things like:

  • Getting your foot in the door of big corporate clients?
  • What to say to prospects?
  • How much to charge?

And the mindset you need to make your business viable.

Would you like some help?

I'm Anthony English, and I can show you how to start thinking like a CEO.

Many highly skilled IT people struggle when they go into business on their own. Even if they find good clients, they'll often be undercharging for premium work, and that puts the business owner under pressure.

If that sounds familiar to you, maybe you should consider breaking through some of those typical barriers that, as a business coach, I see every day.

Where are you in your business and
what results are you looking for?

"I'm only 6 months into my business or
 I have fewer than 3 clients."

If you want to turn your IT mastery into a viable business, you'll need to understand who your clients are, and what's the value they see in you.

If you're not getting through to the right clients, it's probably because you're thinking like a widget maker. What you should be doing is thinking like a CEO. So the solution is to shift your mindset.

The Business Brainshift helps you see your business through their eyes.

Before the call

  • you get a questionnaire ahead of the call. I will review your website and LinkedIn profile (if you have them) and get a clearer idea of which clients you're trying to reach.

During the call, together we'll work through:

  • what service you provide
  • what difference it makes for your client
  • where to look to find your client
  • how to start a conversation with them

This will help us pinpoint any roadblocks in getting to your clients.

I'll look at specific opportunities you may not have thought of for getting to the right buyer.

After the call

As a result of this call, you'll be able to articulate the key reasons why companies might buy your services. You'll also get a 2-3 page summary of the call, with some recommendations about the next step you could take to find new clients.

"I'm ready to land my dream clients and 3X my business"

If you've started to think like a CEO,  it's time to build your business so you never have to think about going back to work for The Man. You'll need a Corporate Escape plan. 

The Corporate Escape Plan is a coaching program which will give you clarity about finding better clients, and confidence in charging premium rates. Build the business you want to build. After all, you're the boss.

What people are saying about Anthony

I had several hesitations about seeking advice from a consultant—including the fear of looking dumb, and having trust that someone outside my business could help me. Anthony’s direct, friendly, and insightful approach has allowed me to look at my business with fresh eyes without feeling defensive. He has helped reframe what I do and why it’s valuable to my clients. This is huge! I now have greater confidence in putting a higher price tag on quotes—which is helping my business be more profitable. Thank you, Anthony!

Samantha Nienow
Red Zest Design

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