Is technical talk not winning you clients?

Anthony English

I’m Anthony English.

I’m a business coach, and I work with owners and CEOs of technical businesses to help them craft their messages for prospective clients.

Your prospects are too busy to work out if your solution will fix their problem.

To bridge that gap, you’d better use language that resonates with them.

My 6-part email course will show you how to do that, so you can Win More Business.

What others are saying …

Over the last year I have gone from a fairly scattergun view of my business focus to a position of great clarity.

I now clearly know who I serve and what problems I solve in the market place.

It has been fantastic and both life & business changing to work with Anthony.

Liston Witherill

If you’re a solopreneur, small business, or even a manager at a corporation, I’d highly recommend you just talk to Anthony. After that, you’ll be stuck with him because he’s so damn helpful.

Liston Witherill
Sales and marketing coach

Improve your conversations with your clients, so that they can more easily see the value you bring them. This email course will show you how.

Wondering when your business is going to take off?

You’ve got a great offering for the market. You’ve already been paid as a consultant or contractor, and you know your service is valuable. 

But you’re just not getting enough traction. Not enough new clients.

So, what are you doing wrong? 

Why isn’t your business taking off?

You need to communicate clearly: who you work with, where you can take them and why they would want to go there.

In business terms, that means that you can see the vision for your clients even more clearly than they do. How effectively do you communicate that?

My free email course will help you to speak to your prospective clients more effectively, so you can Win More Business.