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Are you struggling to get new clients for your IT business?

Does this sound familiar?

You have existing clients; probably from past relationships or word-of-mouth referrals.

You wish you had more of these loyal, long-term clients. But your message isn't getting through to them.

You're not sure if you should niche down at all. And anyway, it's really hard to do.

And whatever marketing you've done doesn't seem to be working.

It's all about positioning. And speaking business instead of tech.

Your clients have a business to run. Even if they happen to be interested in the technology, they probably don't have time to dig too deeply into it.

Your clients have a string of problems to think about. To get through that noise, you need to speak to them about something that is top of mind.

And you need to be able to qualify your clients early, so that you get to the people who are real potential buyers.

Do you need some help defining your audience and spelling out a clear, compelling message?

 Creator of Client Portal 


Anthony's insights and willingness to go above and beyond helped give me the confidence I needed to focus on the things that can grow my business, rather than simply treading water. I wanted to move from client work to products. 

He believed in my idea more than I did, and it paid off!

He's not only incredibly motivating but also gives you small, actionable steps to take so you can start improving your business without feeling overwhelmed.


It's music to my ears when someone tells me I'm doing something wrong. As an entreprenuer, I appreciate a different perspective, especially from someone who has a lot of experience.

Anthony is one of those individuals that is not afraid of approaching the subject, and can tell you what is wrong with grace. Over a live video chat, Anthony was able to discuss my current business situation, and provided ACTIONABLE advice that may be seemingly simple, but are large value adds.

Specifically, he was able to point out ways in which I can get in front of the desired audience that never even cross my mind!

Frankly, at first I was skeptical about what Anthony could tell me, especially given his heavy IT background, but business knowledge is transferrable among various industries, and he's clearly worked with many industries. He's humble, easy to talk to, and has many creative solutions to offer. Thanks Anthony!

For IT experts of all sizes


When you do all the work in your own business, you need to protect your time.

You have too much to do to be wasting time chasing clients that are never going to buy. But you still need to get the right clients.

And you need to plug any holes in your sales process, so that you can maximise your profitability and build a strong and stable business.

Owners of microbusinesses

If your business now has a small group of people dependent on you for their pay, you need to keep those clients coming in.

You probably have little time to be finding more of the kinds of clients that got you started. You still need new clients.​​​​

Your business shouldn't be a continuous feast-and-famine battle.

My story: from IT expert to business advisor

 Anthony English 

 Business Coach 

I grew up as a techie and loved it. But when I made the switch from software and systems expert to consultant, I had to learn the hard way that my clients didn't really want my technical expertise. And that was a shocker!

What your clients really need are solutions to their business problems. They want an advisor who they can trust to cut through the techno-speak; recommend the best action, and make sure it works. Because their job is to run a business. Ours is to apply the right technology and make it work seamlessly to achieve their business goals.

Once I understood that, I went from IT guru to a trusted advisor for their business.

I now help IT experts make the same transition. Whether you're a solopreneur or you run an IT services business—if you're struggling to get business for your IT business, I can help.

What others are saying


Anthony is an astute observer of people and problems. He not only spends time trying to understand the true business problem stopping people, but he also genuinely cares. 

I recommend you take any opportunity to get to know Anthony, and also consider hiring him to accelerate your learning curve tremendously.


Anthony listened to my work situation and then made some suggestions on how I could pivot and build new networks as well as restructure and repackage the value I provide to clients.

What I particularly liked was that he was straightforward, he spoke directly and expressed it in a way that made total sense - and in fact, confirmed that my gut was telling me that I had to make some changes however, I came away from the conversation positive and uplifted.


Anthony's insights and initiatives in creating and sustaining new sales growth transcend into all areas of business. His consulting expertise will not only help you clearly identify your target market, but also how to capture it!

Anthony's recommendations and support are one of the key successes in my own personal and business growth, and I believe he will do the same for you! He is a terrific business coach and one of the most generous human beings I have ever met!!


I approached Anthony with a specific problem. "How do I describe myself at networking events that create interest?" After having worked in many industries and picking up several skills, it was hard to even describe what I do.

About 15 minutes in our discussion, Anthony was able to synthesize my value and describe it in such a way that I could have never done on my own. Now, he is helping me bring that message in front of the right audience. Anthony's service is highly recommended for the technical consultant who struggles with communicating his value in simple business terms.


Anthony’s great - pleasant, insightful, valuable. Gotten something out of every consulting session, article, video, or book. Recommended.


Before - I had some clarity in my direction, but I was missing the key insight that allowed me to make a major shift in how I saw my service offering.

With Anthony's coaching I was able to gain laser focus on our new direction : "Your business visualized on a single page."

The outcome of my discussions with Anthony is a lot of clarity and new initiatives in branding and positioning my business for future success.

My business now has a lot of clarity: I know who I serve, I know why I do what I do and I know what problems I solve. I can clearly describe to my ideal client the true value of working with me.


Anthony’s coaching has been invaluable. He has stopped me in my tracks more than once and forced me to reassess my market strategy. He questioned who my real target audience was, helped me to realize what the million dollar questions I should be asking really were, and niche down with concrete goals in mind.


I contacted Anthony to thank him for a sound piece of advice he gave to small businesses, and the conversation quickly turned into something that I couldn't put a price tag on – Truly priceless. Golden information that I'll immediately study and apply to my business.

Anthony opened my eyes on and helped me re-evaluate some essential aspects of my business. Bonus point: The conversation was extremely enjoyable!

If you need an exceptional coach to guide you through your marketing and sales process, Anthony IS your guy. 


I saw an article written by Anthony and found it extremely interesting. I didn't know that it was only the start. We chatted and he helped me find strengths and weaknesses of my business, asking the right questions and leading me through an honest and effective analysis.

He understood my goals and suggested some great strategies to gain more confidence in myself as a solopreneur, which I believe won't only benefit me, but also my clients.

Anthony is a great coach: kind, fun, but also extremely professional.

He goes straight to the point and makes thing look easy - as they really are. I couldn't recommend him more, specially to entrepreneurs willing to expand their business and make the most of their time. Grazie, Anthony!

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