"How Do I Make My Business Work, When I Feel Like I'm An Impostor?"

You're frustrated. I get it.

You can't keep up, there's always too much to do - yet why does everyone else seem have it all together? How do they do it?

No matter how many articles, blog posts, and free (or paid) courses you go through, very little is making a difference to your business. 

You've got a ton of information, but somehow you still feel like you're not making inroads with any of it into making your business work.

The business owns you and it feels like it's slowly draining the life from you. But you're committed to making it work. Because you have to. Because you want to. You know you have value to provide to others and deep down you know you can make this business a real business. What if you had someone to look out for you and guide you - so you knew that you weren't in this alone.

But this is more than just having  accountability.

To cross a ravine, you need to build a bridge, AND you need the plans for doing it.

You need motivation, of course. But motivation alone isn't enough. What you really need is guidance and...some tough love. 

So stop educating yourself, just for a bit. Let's work out what bridge you need to build in your business and how you're going to do it.

Let's find you better clients, package your expertise and make your business more money.

Finally! Build the business you want. And leave the one you currently have behind.

If you’re a solopreneur, small business, or even a manager at a corporation, I’d highly recommend you just talk to Anthony. After that, you’ll be stuck with him because he’s so damn helpful
Liston Witherill
Sales and Marketing Coach