Finally: the clarity you need to package your expertise, so you can build a business around it.

Would you like some help getting unstuck?

Get the clarity you need to build your business.

You can't afford to procrastinate as you build your business. You have to know what to focus on next, and then do it.

My Get out of the fog session will give you clarity about where to give your attention right now.

What Others Are Saying

Just a small sample of the love I get from the fortunate people I work with.


Peter Burgess

Olivitek Software

Over the last year I have gone from a fairly scattergun view of my business focus to a position of great clarity.

I now clearly know who I serve and what problems I solve in the market place.

It has been fantastic and both life & business changing to work with Anthony.


Liston Witherill

Sales and Marketing Coach

If you’re a solopreneur, small business, or even a manager at a corporation, I’d highly recommend you just talk to Anthony. After that, you’ll be stuck with him because he’s so damn helpful.


Franz Sauerstein

Chief Officer of Digital - Gründerschiff

Anthony enabled me to reshape and define my strategic retainer offering more closely. I value his understanding of the situation of agency owners and consultants as well as the crystal-clear, hands-on advice he gives. I recommend Anthony to every consultant - or aspiring consultant - who wants to raise his rates and fill his project calendar.