Is your pricing undermining your profitability?

When you're running a professional services business, it's hard to know how much you should charge.

Too high, and you could go out of business. Too low, and you could go out of business.

So you probably opt for the latter, and survive.

Perfectly understandable.

After all, you don't want to lose the long-time, loyal clients you have (even if they're not paying their way). It's just too hard to find new ones.

You can escape this low-price prison.

And my service is designed to show you how.

Actually, the first step is to work out what the real value is that you provide to your clients.

If they could see your value to them, you could easily justify charging more.

So, how do you have a conversation around your value?

It's not easy to start with, because you first have to believe in your own value.

As they say, "the first sale is to yourself".

So, never mind the client just yet. How do you convince yourself that you're worth more?


What if you could become more profitable ...

without losing your best clients to cheaper competitors.

You need to see your service through your clients' eyes

Unfortunately, that's exactly how technical people don't see their service. They usually speak about their expertise, or their skills, or the industries they've worked in.

But your client doesn't care about any of that.

So, what does your client care about?

Their expensive problem.

And that's where the conversation usually starts: what expensive problem are you solving for your clients?

But how do you have that conversation?

Great question!

Here's what you do.


I’m Anthony English, father of 7, speaker, writer, and business mentor. In recent months I've worked with service businesses to help them demonstrate their value to their clients, and then increase their own profitability.

It's not magic. It's really about learning how to price your service according to the real value as your clients see it.

I share, talk and mentor small service businesses about how they achieve strong business outcomes for their clients.

Once you frame your work in those terms—the result the client will get from your work—it's easy to increase prices and profitability.



What others have said

“Anthony is exceptional at solving business problems. I was struggling with a strategic issue with moving into a new market. But I didn’t know how to proceed.

Yet with his help he was able to guide me to the perfect solution, and I am well on my way.

I highly recommend that you hire Anthony to help you with your business. You’ll find that with his experience and strategic thinking that you can conquer any problem that you face."

- Stephen Godfrey, Email Automation Specialist

"Life-changing ... "

“Before talking to Anthony, I felt I could (and should!) be able to do all of this myself… I thought it was just a matter of reading more books and articles, and putting in much more of my own time on my business.

Elise Roberts, web designer, savebees.org

And I wasn’t sure Anthony would understand my field: I focus on bee outreach at savebees.org, and hoped to pursue web development and marketing for “bee people” at itmustbe.com.

He told me himself he knew nothing about bees… though he does now.

What I discovered is that I couldn’t have transformed my business without him! He’s provided me with a critical outside perspective, and most importantly, one informed by coaching numerous other people in my position. I’m now on a path to doing what I love, and making money at it in the process.

I have manageable steps to follow that are already paying off (compared to years flailing around on my own, feeling increasingly guilty about not accomplishing what I feel capable of).

I’d highly recommend him if you want to transform your business into something you’re passionate about, and that rewards both you and your clients… it is life-changing! :yellow_heart::bee:"

- Elise Roberts, Web designer, savebees.org

Revenue Review Session

Has Your Technical Services Business Hit a Plateau?

Maybe you’re too close to see where the real profits are.

When you’ve been running a tech business for a while, you can get too close to it. It’s easy to miss why clients are buying from you, and where the real profitability lies.

Does this sound like you?

You have an established business with a decent client base. You don’t want to chase new clients who are outside your target market. But then again, many of your existing clients may not really appreciate your technical expertise. You could be feeling undervalued.

You don’t want to outsource the work you do so well.

You don’t especially want to learn a whole array of new technical skills.

So how do you boost your profitability?

What if there was a way to have your clients more engaged with you?

What if they could see why your work is valuable for them?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be happier with the work you do, and get paid better for it?

I can show you how

Get a fresh set of eyes looking at your business.

Have someone give you a quick assessment of what work you do is more profitable, and which clients are going to bring out the best in you.

You don’t need to give up doing the work you love.

Get a Revenue Review