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ERP Risk Self Assessment

Do you know what events would trigger an expensive interruption to your business operations? This self audit will help you assess the risk and impact of unexpected downtime to your systems.


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Your ERP is the backbone of your business.

Anthony English, independent consultant, Australia

Have you ever thought about just how critical your ERP environment is to your business? It's so important that even one interruption of a single interface - such as a bank transfer - can be enough to stop business operations.

There are many components that go to make up your ERP environment.

On the hardware side, you can mitigate the risk of unplanned outages by building robust redundancy. In other words, eliminate Single Points of Failure.

It is extremely helpful to implement robust change management practices, so that installations, upgrades and configuration changes that go wrong will do minimal damage to business operations.

These are just a few of the basic steps to take to protect your business. A good starting point for protection is to take a high-level risk assessment, so that key stakeholders know the role that the ERP plays in the business and the need to manage the risk around ERP.