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Do you provide IT services, but find it hard to sell them?

Does this sound like you?

  • You're great at technical work.
  • You're a freelancer in IT, or an experienced consultant.
  • You're typically selling B2B, rather than to end customers.
  • But you don't feel confident speaking to your clients about the value of your work.

What if you could boost your confidence speaking to your clients.

What if your client told you the value that you're bringing to them?

This really can happen, through The Value Conversation

The Value Conversation is a way to

  • uncover your client's needs without being pushy (no one likes a pushy salesperson)
  • get your client to spell out how you can provide value to their business
  • have the client persuade themselves that they need you.

Here's how it works:

You meet a prospective client. They may speak to you about a project, or a pain they have, or a problem you could solve for them.

Now, instead of jumping into how you would plan that project, solve that pain or fix that problem,

you delve into why the issue is even on their radar.

So, you guide them through explaining why this issue is even getting their attention.

And why that focus is now. Not six months ago. Not in six months time.

What's the business driver behind the project? What's the cost of the pain or the problem they're facing?

Once you know the value of the project to their business, you have an easy roadmap for the sales process.

Proposals, pricing, timing are all defined by the business value of your work.

It sounds simple, doesn't it? But very few technical firms understand how to do this.​

Which is why they say things like: "I hate selling." Or "I really don't enjoy networking."

The Value Conversation is a totally different approach to dealing with clients and prospects.​

I'm Anthony English, and I have been running an IT professional services business in Sydney, Australia, since 2007. I understand why technical specialists struggle with explaining their value.

I used to be the same.

Then I learned a better way to speak to clients, called The Value Conversation.

You can learn the value conversation, and use it straight away to uncover the value that your clients are looking for.
I've worked with owners of small to medium tech companies to help give them confidence to sell in the B2B space.

Anthony English 
I can guide you through the Value Conversation                 


It's not a template, and it's very hard to teach yourself.

It really requires a change of mindset.

Instead of trying to push your services, you're helping your prospective clients tell you what the value is that you're going to give them.

That makes the whole sales process much easier, because you already know what the client is looking for, and why it's valuable to them.

Technical specialists are especially well equipped to learn the value conversation.

Here's why: it's simply applying your strong problem-solving skills to the sales process.

Also, technical people can quickly build trust with their clients.

But there is a different emphasis from typical technical conversations.

When you focus on value, your conversations with clients change from technical-based to being value-based ones.

Are you ready to learn the value conversation?

I have shown technical people like you how to master the Value Conversation, and I can teach it to you, too.

This 5-day email course will help you grow confident with The Value Conversation.