“I Wish Our CIO Had Spoken to You Sooner”

Anthony English

Anthony English

The most important decisions you’ll make are not about IT costs; they’re about business outcomes.

But the systems choices you make will impact on the success of your business.

Big enterprise IT systems integrate with internal and external systems.

Technical decisions of today affect future risks or rewards. CIOs must choose IT systems to deliver profitable outcomes.

Hi, I’m Anthony English and I work with big businesses to bring the best ROI from your IT infrastructure. Managing enterprise IT systems for over 20 years, my field of expertise is IBM Power Systems.

I work on production systems for some of Australia’s largest banks and key manufacturers.

The best CIOs understand one principle.

In the enterprise technology, ‘why?’ is more important than ‘what?’

Technical gurus are essential.  But it is industry experts who see why and how company technology will attract the greatest value.

Get clear about your business goal, before discussing technology.

Consolidating workloads, navigating company mergers and acquisitions, or moving data centres, all require early decisions.  They extend beyond which vendor to use, or what applications should run your ERP.

Decisions you will focus on include:

  • Should we run our systems on-premise, or hosted elsewhere?
  • Are there longer-term plans to move premises, expand, or sell off part of the business?
  • What are the immediate benefits of moving to new technology?
  • What about longer term benefits? What happens if we stay where we are?

I merge workloads onto new IBM systems, move data centres, and set up disaster recovery. But more than that, I help CIOs of major companies to answer the big ‘what if?’ technology questions.

Reach me now for answers to inform your technology decisions. Or discover how my consulting services can help you.